We bring more than three decades of experience in scientific and academic best practices consulting in publications and grants.

Our Approach… We’re all about you.

For subscription-based and Open Access scholarly publishers and conference companies, we offer leadership training, best practices consulting, and public relations and marketing to get you to the top of your field.

For health and life sciences researchers, we empower and develop you by focusing on the fundamentals of solid empirical study design, impeccable and persuasive writing, collaboration, and our clients’ specific career objectives. We connect Health and Life Sciences Researchers and Research Groups to collaborate effectively.

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The Difference? Partnership

Best Practices in Online Publishing…

Online academic publishing is a new world. Publishers and conference companies need guidance to stay out of the fray caused by the corruption that has plagued this arena since it began. We work with your team to build or re-build your reputation, and to transform your operations and even your infrastructure.

Best Practices in grant submission and study conduct…

Getting funded is harder than ever. For investigators of all levels, we develop you as a researcher rather than executing the research. That’s what a CRO is for. As part of your team, we will guide you through the production of world-class grants, manuscripts, and collaborations. The product of our partnership is your own evolution as a researcher. We will help to make you the best researcher you can be. Health and Life Sciences Researchers and Research Groups look for highly-skilled researchers with whom to collaborate. We connect you with other researchers and stay involved to make sure the collaboration is successful.

Services: What do we actually do?

For Online Academic Publishers and Conference Enterprises:

We offer best practices consulting for publishers and conference companies to help them become the best they can be. Many online academic publishing and conference companies are suffering (simply by association), as a result of the fraud, turf-grabbing, and other afflictions of the Open Access sector. Our services include public relations campaigns to build or re-build your reputation (shifting your location in the search engines), in order to have you shine in the public eye! If infrastructural aid is called for, we’ll serve you with top-shelf management and operations consulting.

Health and Life Sciences Researchers and Research Groups:

We offer interactive support and training to researchers and research group initiatives of all levels, providing support for research grant preparation, manuscript, and protocol preparation, collaborations, and beyond. We offer assistance with writing, reviewing, editing, study design, and data analysis plans. We train you in grant submission project management, as well as in how to be a successful collaborator and Principal Investigator (PI). We even help new and early stage investigators to become independent. And we do it all with the goal of empowering researchers to become research leaders. Being a successful researcher is not only about what’s on the page, it’s also about you.

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Learn more about the people who make things happen for you on our team page. Our leadership…

News & Info

Blog: Opening Thoughts

“Bats Are really Cool Animals!” Teaching Academic Integrity

Great interview here from Retraction Watch (@RetractionWatch) about an adult submitting a child’s paper for publication (as an experiment) — and it being accepted.

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Congrats! PCORI Award

Nathaniel M. Rickles, Pharm.D., Ph.D., BCPP was recently selected for a PCORI Pipeline to Proposal Award to help build the community and capacity necessary to later develop a patient-centered comparative effectiveness research project across New England. He is collaborating on the project, “Tailoring Patient Options for Medication Adherence Action Plans in Community Pharmacies,”with the Massachusetts Pharmacists Association and Pro-Cure Health Design. The long-term objective is to determine the value of community pharmacists tailoring adherence interventions options, over the current standardized intervention approach. Dr. Rickles sees this as, “only the beginning of what we hope to be a national model for engaging community pharmacies in the critical work of improving patient comfort with their medications.” For more information, please contact Dr. Rickles at n.rickles@neu.edu, or Peaches Udoma at info@Pro-CureHD.com.

Pro-CureHD offers Office Hours… Free to you, life/health sciences researcher!

Five days a week.

Struggling with writing a grant or manuscript? Not sure what the guidelines mean? Need advice on working through a difficult collaboration? Can’t quite make that sentence work? Call Pro-Cure Health Design during our new “Office Hours” — free to researchers looking for some quick advice. Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 7 PM, 203.558.1598, EST. Or maybe it’s a context-shift you need… Health-based researchers around the world… Call us for this complimentary conversation about your career, your barriers to funding and publishing, how to reach the level of leadership you’ve dreamed of. 203.558.1598. 9 AM to 9 PM, Monday through Friday, EST. Or visit us at www.Pro-CureHD.com. Bring life to your science and your science to life!

Where in the World is Pro-Cure Health Design?

We’re coming to a city near you! Join us for one of our daylong offsite workshops. Get yourself on the map as a researcher who knows how to write grants that get funded. Get out of your own way. Watch for details or contact us here to find out more. Other places we’re going? Check here. Are you Boston or DC bound? Let’s Meet! Contact us at Info@Pro-CureHD.com.

Romania to Ax Law that Shortens Jail Time for Publishers of Academic Papers

A New Service of Pro-CureHD… Pro-CureConnections©™

Looking for a collaborator? Find out more! Contact us for collaboration support at: Info@Pro-CureHD.com

Should Doctors Be Paid By Pharmaceutical Companies To Promote Their Drugs?

A PBS Newshour Video

Pro-Cure Health Design loves nurses! See what they’re up to!

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The American Public Health Association (APHA)

The Massachusetts Public Health Association (MPHA)

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The Massachusetts Pharmacists Association (MPhA)

The National Organization of Research Development Professionals (NORDP)

Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP)

The Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)

World Association of Medical Editors (WAME)

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

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