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Our Approach


Hospital and University Administrators

Our customized grant and collaboration initiatives include lively dialogues, team-building activities, seminars, rigorous one-on-one attention to projects, and paradigm-shifts that inspire, excite, and revitalize your healthcare research communities. Invite us to give workshops at faculty development days and retreats!

Talk to us about what you need. More grants going out? More grants funded, manuscripts published? Are your researchers stuck in silos and need inspiration and motivation to work together? Let us help you intensify your impact on funders and publications to get your institution on the Top 50 Funded list each year.

Health and Life Sciences Research Groups

You need researchers? We can connect you! “Collaboration” is the watchword of our age. If you’re a company in need of a biomedical or public health researcher, talk to us. We’ll not only connect you with a researcher who will work with you, we’ll also stay involved to make sure the collaboration is successful.

Individual Researchers

We work with you and your text hands-on, but we also coach you in how to effectively mentor or be mentored, build and nurture successful collaborations, and have productive exchanges with funders. Want to get known as one of those “always funded” and “always published” investigators who is able to do the great science you’ve always wanted… the kind of science that got you into research in the first place? We are here to help you achieve this goal.