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Researchers, Research Groups, Innovators

Our services help researchers with all aspects of their academic work:

  • Writing of NIH, NSF, industry, and foundation grants, manuscripts, reports — anything textual — but with you, so the integrity of your work and ideas is upheld.
  • Protocol design and writing — don’t even know where to start? We’ll show you!
  • Letters Of Intent (LOIs): NIH, NSF, industry, and foundation.
  • NIH Biosketches. They’re changing, and we can help you write a winning one that adheres to the new guidelines.
  • Scientific and editorial review for grants, journal manuscripts, posters, book chapters, full-length manuscripts, and more.
  • Specific Aims development — for all grant applications: public, private, nonprofit, philanthropic.
  • Assistance with your study design, offering expert epidemiological and biostatistical support.
  • Post-award data analysis. We have a team of respected statisticians who can partner with you!
  • Collaboration on Pilot Studies, to plan, design, and write up your protocols and proposals.
  • Literature reviews. Don’t let someone else get your study funded. Learn how to prevent that.
  • Coaching for writers by ­­­referral of journal editorial boards. Send us your promising writers who need that extra boost!
  • Dissertation review, including study design and data analysis, editorial support, and empowerment to get the job done, having the conversations you need to have with the people who are going to help you make it all happen.
  • Pre-writing on grants and manuscripts… we’ll help you construct a detailed outline, so writing will be easy.
  • Pre-award statistical and study design support, to give you a strong and powerful infrastructure.
  • Review and input on dissertations, speeches, reports, talks – We’re a one-stop shop for help with all of them.
  • Narrative medicine/creative nonfiction editorial support. These genres are gaining in popularity as a way to enhance patient care and intensify practitioner education/engagement. Our master writing instructors will work closely with you on your creative texts.
  • ESOL support on grants, manuscripts, and all research-related communications and correspondences for multilingual researchers.
  • Research/teaching statements, CVs, and other application materials for when you’re ready to move on to another post.
  • Center grants, program projects, CTSA submissions, accreditation materials
  • Health/Life Sciences Business Proposals

Our Training and Expansion program Being a Powerful Researcher©™ accelerates your career and gets you to the top of your field:

  • Customized grant-writing seminars and workshops: the Aiming for Success!©™ Curriculum, for industry, academic, hospital, and human services settings.
  • Collaboration initiatives for academic, industry, hospital, and human services settings.
  • Customized, one-on-one Effectiveness Coaching in Being A Powerful Researcher©™  (Proposal Project Management, Work/Life Balance, Career Path for Graduating and Mid-Career Researchers,  Communication and Partnership with Collaborators, Funders, Government Grants Officers, Mentors, Administrators, Journal Editors, and more) – We can do this by phone or Skype.
  • On-site Researcher Empowerment, Grant Enhancement/Production and Collaboration initiatives – from one grant cycle to ongoing. We will transform and regenerate your research community!
  • Writing excellence workshops in English for the multilingual researcher.
  • Grant Writing and Collaboration Retreats, where researchers can spend time immersed in the writing process and in activities designed to loosen up any form of writer’s block and get things flowing.
  • Researcher Empowerment Retreats©™ for rest, relaxation, creativity, and power!