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Do you need experienced researchers to move your studies forward? Are you starting a Practice-Based Research Network? Are you looking for ethical companies to get involved with as a researcher?

Pro-Cure Connections brings the academic and corporate worlds together:

Researcher/Commercial Enterprise Matching

Researchers and Company Owners who need Researchers… We can connect you! “Collaboration” is the watchword of our age. If you’re a company in need of a biomedical or public health researcher, talk to us. And if you’re a researcher interested in expanding beyond the borders of your academic environment, we can match you with ethical companies that want your help.

Research Network/Collaborative Formation

Not all practice-based research networks (PBRNs) or research collaboratives are university or hospital based, or government-funded. Need help forming a PBRN or other network/collaborative? We can take you from a conversation, to a proposal, to funding, to a thriving network.

One-on-one Collaborator Matching Services

For individual research to be successful, collaboration is key. It’s what funders are looking for in your grant applications, and it’s what you’re looking for — not only to satisfy them, but to enhance and enrich your invention processes. The products of those processes… to give your work greater depth and breadth, and to lighten your load.

Get in touch with us at Info@Pro-CureHD.com if you’re looking for a collaborator or if you’re interested in adding your profile to our database of thousands of healthcare research professionals, who are looking to be matched with collaborators by Pro-CureConnections©™