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Online Scholarly Publishing and Conference Enterprises

Do what you know, know what you do, do it well, and know that you do it well.

This is the old fashioned recipe for success that we’ve forgotten about in so many fields.

We offer best practices consulting for online academic publishing enterprises (Open Access and subscription-based) and conference companies to help you either get on track, get back on track, or stay on track:

Best Practices Consulting

If you’re making missteps in your operations and practices that are causing you to be scrutinized and judged harshly, we can help your company adhere to widely accepted best practices and codes of conduct, mitigating the potential for reputational damage.

Reputation/ Reinvention Management

Our public relations team works with you to custom design, develop, and implement a public relations plan (including rapid-response/ crisis-management) to address negative media content immediately. We work with you and your team to repair your public perception and position you at the top of your field.

Editorial Support

Many of you may not speak and write English as a first language. Yet most scholarly publishing and conference companies around the world, as well as their authors and other users, aspire to participate in the American academic realm. This calls for impeccable English skills – in academic article writing, on websites, in your online journals, announcements of upcoming conferences, and even in emails, Tweets, and LinkedIn messaging. We provide editorial support to assist you in navigating these challenges.