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They Like Us!*


I worked with Peaches in two capacities. In the first, she edited the final version of a grant I had written. She found and made suggested corrections for a number of inconsistencies and errors that I believe made the difference in the grant being funded. In the second, she was the principal coordinator or manager of a very large and complex CTSA proposal from Tufts. In this capacity she was organized, detail oriented, scientifically sophisticated and helped to drive a successful application. A large part of the success of this effort related to her ability to listen carefully to and work closely with a wide variety of scientists with different backgrounds, which she did quite successfully.”

~ Ira Wilson, MD, Chairman, Department of Health Services, Policy & Practice, Brown School of Public Health



“I’ve been working with Peaches and Grace since 2010. They have not only helped me produce higher-quality, more competitive grant applications, they helped me better understand the process, so that I could develop into a better grant writer. That’s the real value of Pro-CureHD – it’s not just about helping to write grant applications, it’s about developing grant writers.”

~ Timothy Mader, MD, Program Director, Emergency Medicine Research Fellowship, Baystate Medical Center, and Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine, Tufts University School of Medicine




 “It was wonderful working with the extraordinary Pro-CureHD experts. They provided a hands-on workshop customized specifically for our group of researchers. Both Peaches and Grace were very attentive to the needs of the audience, made time available outside of the workshop for one on one assistance, and simply made the event fun! It was a fantastic experience that I recommend for others, especially junior faculty seeking their first federally-funded grant. Kudos!”

~ Charles Taylor, Pharm.D., Dean of the College of Pharmacy and Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Northeast Ohio Medical University



“I have been working with Pro-Cure and their editors and reviewers since 2010. My grants do not go out without their feedback. Their scientific, structural, and language input is changing my writing: things that used to sound good to a clumsy scientist have become clear-cut explanations of ideas and powerful expressions about the significance of the proposed research. Sometimes, a month or two after we’ve finished working together, I re-read my grants and think: “Wow, did I write that so beautifully and so to the point?” If you do not know how to smoothly integrate ideas that come along as you prepare your grant applications, they will be there to help you. They are always willing to go the extra mile for me and to accommodate my crazy schedule. Pro-CureHD is clearly committed to my success.”

 ~ Anna Blumental-Perry, Ph.D, Assistant Professor at Mercer University School of Medicine, Savannah, GA



“Ms. Udoma is a fabulous grants consultant who helped many of our junior faculty and postdoc get first grants. She is especially good with those for whom English is not a first language. She is organized and focuses on those aspects that are most important to selling the grant and making it read clearly to evaluators.”

~ Christopher, Schmid, PhD, Professor of Biostatistics, Brown University



“One very unique aspect of your program is that you have taught me how to interact with co-investigators and consultants. Because of this, I have forged more successful collaborations. I intend to use you for future grant submissions. Thank you.”

~ Howard A. Smithline, MD, MS, Chief, Emergency Medicine Department Research Division, Baystate Medical Center



“The expert team at Pro-CureHD takes the angst and guess-work out of grant writing. Competent, on-point, and a pleasure to work with — could not recommend them more.”

 ~ Leo Beletsky, JD, MPH, Bouvé College of Health Sciences, Northeastern University, Boston



“Peaches is an exceptional grants editor. She helped me get 4 grants within a period of 2 years when I was working at Tufts Medical Center. She did not “just” edit my grants, she taught me what grant reviewers are looking for and how to become a better grant writer. What impressed me the most is her ability to speak ‘science.’ Peaches has a very solid understanding of basic science and clinical research principles and is able to communicate them effectively.”

~ John Leung, MD, Director, Food Allergy Center, Tufts Medical Center



“The team at Pro-Cure Health Design is exceptional. They are experienced, competent, responsive, detail-oriented, and a joy to work with. Having interacted with them since 2009, I can vouch for their skill and competence, and recommend them without reservation.”

 ~ TA Trikalinos, MD, PhD,  Associate Professor and Director, Center for Evidence-based Medicine, Brown University School of Public Health



“I first worked with Peaches Udoma in a grant writing workshop that focused on developing the specific aims page of an NIH grant.  The workshop focused not only on writing your own specific aims, but critically reading specific aims of other course participants – this makes you really understand the nuts and bolts, without getting lost in your own science.  Peaches has a well-crafted strategy for constructing this critical page that works!  Indeed, my NIH grant received an encouraging score, so I recruited Pro-Cure Health Design to help me work on the revision (of the entire grant) for resubmission.  Pro-CureHD knows the “secrets” to grant writing.  I was amazed at the tips they had for improving my grant, despite not being content-specific experts in my field.  Their expertise not only improves the scientific pieces, but their feedback can help effectively construct biosketches, describe the facilities and resources, and create a powerful summary/abstract!   I would strongly recommend this gem of a company to help you prepare your grants.  They are absolutely worth every penny.  (Oh, and they are night owls, and are extremely efficient.)”

~ Prue Plummer, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill



“I worked with Pro-Cure Health Design on my application package for a faculty position. They helped me critically look at a job announcement and understand what was required for the application. They also critiqued and edited all required documents to make it ready to submit. I feel that I have a better shot after working with Pro-Cure Health Design. They also reviewed and edited several of my grant applications. Their comments are always spot on and attention to detail is excellent. My grants became focused and well written. They always asked questions I had not even thought about, and made me look at the proposal from different angles. In addition, I also took a workshop with Ms. Udoma. I really loved Aiming for Success! A Writing Workshop for Researchers, and would recommend it to everyone thinking of applying for a grant!”

~ Viktoria Andreeva, PhD, Research Associate, Tufts Medical Center



“For me as a novice grant writer, Peaches’ assistance in grant writing was invaluable. Through her teaching, I learned how to write a clear, concise and well thought out proposal. Her keen eye for detail and insightful suggestions were instrumental in getting my first grant accepted.”

~ Erin Coffee, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital



“I liked the energy and motivation of the presenters and felt inspired and refreshed: most researchers CAN and SHOULD apply for grants!”

~ Natalia Shcherbakova, PhD, Assistant Professor of Pharmacoeconomics, Western New England University



“Peaches was an excellent grants editor. She was able to help me craft succinct, focused grants with great clarity that conveyed the excitement of the science. I highly recommend her to anyone submitting grants during these highly competitive times.”

~ Kenneth Hung, Director, Precision Medicine at Pfizer



“The expert team at Pro-CureHD has been a phenomenal asset in my efforts in getting a well-crafted federal grant out the door. Both Peaches and Grace have been very attentive to my needs at different points along the way. They clearly understand the value of timely and critical feedback and helping researchers stick to timelines. They taught me much on how to facilitate teamwork and were quite impactful on future grant development. Many wonderful teaching moments. Thanks so much!”

 ~ Nathaniel Rickles, PhD, MS, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice at Northeastern University



“Peaches and Grace provide key tips and specific strategies for improving one’s chances of being awarded funds.  Great expertise and know-how on current mechanisms.  A must for beginners!”

~ Jilla Sabeti, Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, Western New England University



“Working with ProCureHD was one of the best ways I’ve challenged myself in my career so far. I have become empowered at work as well as in life. The training was extremely helpful in improving my communication skills and my-self confidence. I suggest that everybody work with Pro-Cure Health Design, to make yourselves and your careers more powerful, healthy, and successful! They deserve the “Best Coaches Award 2015″!

~ Cristina Scapin, Ph.D, Post Doctoral Fellow at San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milan, Italy



*We do not share testimonials from our Best Practices clients.